Craving Biryani? These Dubai Restaurants Will Leave You Spoilt For Choice

by Deeplata Garde
Craving Biryani? These Dubai Restaurants Will Leave You Spoilt For Choice

The South Asian delicacy that has been famous worldwide is a perfect meal for the ones who love a flavour bomb. Yes, we are talking about Biryani. The rice dish feels like heaven in every spoonful. And today we are going to recommend you multiple places in Dubai that will leave you wondering why didn’t you explore them earlier.

Bhatkhal Restaurant, Emirati’s Go-To Place

For more than 50 years, biryani lovers have been delighted by this secret delicacy. Bhatkal has been an underdog and is tucked away in the quiet Al Ras neighbourhood of Deira.
The well-known Bhatkal biryani from India has spread across borders. At each wedding in the Navayath community of Bhatkal, the seal of enormous cauldrons erected over a wood fire is opened, sending the delicious aroma of the biryani wafting through the area. The best indication that the renowned Bhatkal biryani is prepared for serving is the aroma. Additionally, Emiratis have enjoyed its flavour and scent in Dubai for years.

Meanwhile, Silver Spoon remains dominant as the pinnacle for discriminating connoisseurs of Hyderabadi biryani in the bustling centre of Sharjah’s Yarmouk area. It enthrals guests from all backgrounds due to its global appeal.

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Did Anybody Call For Lucknowi Style Biryani In Dubai?

Via Lucknow and Lucknow Rasoi are recent entrants in Dubai that cater to customers who favour the Awadhi kind of biryani. Shahid, who was speaking on behalf of Via Lucknow, drew an intriguing comparison when he described how much he loved the flavorful Awadhi biryani.

The culinary landscape of biryani is constantly expanding as new varieties become available. Even the most elite restaurants are accepting the concept and adopting the creative wave. While aficionados continue to adhere to the traditional elements, other people desire to explore a fusion or alternative approach to the dish. When in Dubai, some glam is necessary. Therefore, expensive 23k gold biryani attracts customers. However, the novelty quickly captures people’s attention.

So what would you prefer? The traditional biryani or some pomp & show in the age-old dish hailing from different parts of India & Pakistan?

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