Craving Doughnut But Eating One Doesn’t Satisfy? This Massive Doughnut From Don Bambaloni In Global Village Might Help!

Don Bambaloni
by Deeplata Garde 143

We can never have enough desserts and that’s true. But what if we tell you we have something that might fill you up and satisfy your sweet cravings? Would anyone like a doughnut? This ain’t your ordinary doughnut it’s an extraordinary doughnut! And we say extra we mean it in every sense, the flavour, the toppings and the size as well! Don Bambaloni is your spot.

Don Bambaloni In Global Village Will Make You Visit Again

The sweet fried snack comes with a lot of variations in the city. But this one is unique due to its size. Apparently, Don Bambaloni is the only place serving the biggest doughnut in Dubai’s Global Village. And the fried dough dessert won’t burn a hole in your pocket we promise.

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8 Toppings, Fresh Doughnut & 2x Size For Just AED 25

What a great deal isn’t it? Fluffy, made live and served fresh and you get to choose from 8 toppings. It feels like watching a show when you see the man swing and drop the dough in the hot oil.

You can find the stall on Fiesta Street 110 at the Global Village. So when you walk around the festival Hubspot, make sure you stroll through the stalls and visit this spot.

If going to Global Village ain’t on your cards any soon, then we recommend you to visit their other stalls in Dubai. Don Bambaloni has branches at Bluewater island Ain Dubai, Global Village Fiesta Street 110 and Cloud Restaurant. Marina walk.

And guess what? If you are lucky enough, you might find the servers grooving on some hip tunes. And the entertainment is complimentary with your fresh doughnut.

Do we need to convince you anymore to visit these spots to have Dubai’s best giant and fresh doughnuts available?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Don Bambaloni