Craving Pani Puris In Dubai? This Indian Street Food Cafe Is Offering Unlimited Pani Puris In Just Dhs12

Pani Puri
by Deeplata Garde

There’s absolutely nothing that can replace the happiness that we get from relishing Indian Street food. There are multiple options to choose from but Pani Puri wins the game. So if you are in Dubai and craving some Pani Puri to indulge in then we have the right suggestion for you. But the best part is you can get your Pani Puri fix by having unlimited pani puris. And you’ll be happy to hear the price as it’s so so affordable for this offer.

Unlimited Pani Puri At Atrium Center


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Whatever name you give it—puchka, gol gappa, paani ke batashe, gup-chup, or puska—it is the supreme street food, and that is the only thing that never changes. Therefore, if you share this belief in panipuri supremacy, you should undoubtedly visit this restaurant, which is located in Artium Centre.

Chaat, or Indian street cuisine, is very important to almost all Indians in Dubai. At Gup Shup & Chai, which offers mouthwatering dishes of chaat, Indian expats in Dubai are spoiled for choice. In Mankhool, for instance, you may find anything within a very limited radius, from explosive pani puri to vada.

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The Highest Pani Puri Record Has Reached 115 Puris


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The Owner is quite friendly and will have some Gupshup with you over chai or pani puri given that you’ll stop to breathe while eating. Well according to the owner, she has absolutely no loss by running this offer. Her brand is associated with the production unit of pani puri in Ahmedabad. So the budget gets managed accordingly. Also, she is quite inviting as she explains not many reach a mark beyond 100 puris. The highest they have recorded yet is 115 puris.

So take up a challenge while it lasts. The location is on the first floor of the Atrium Centre, which is on Bank Street in Dubai. There were several additional foods that were inexpensive. They have so many flavours to choose from. Their best is Gupshup Special. And the best part is the cafe has a flavoured pani dispenser. So no touchy business and a very hygienic pani puri experience. So let’s go!!

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