CTReview: My Night At Nukkad Cafe & Bar Was About Reliving The ’90s With Live Music And Unique Cocktails

Enjoy live music, innovative cocktails, and a diverse menu.

by Mallika Khurana
CTReview: My Night At Nukkad Cafe & Bar Was About Reliving The ’90s With Live Music And Unique Cocktails

There is an abundance of cafes, restaurants, and bars in Delhi. The city offers different options depending on your preferences: a simple but exciting date night, a night out drinking with friends, a relaxed evening with coworkers, or some quality time with your family. But there are few spots in town where you can guarantee that you will have fun regardless of who you go with or why. And the newest place in that category had to be Nukkad Cafe & Bar. I recently got the opportunity to sample the wealth of flavour and good times the well-known restaurant’s second location in Kailash colony had to offer. 

A Night Of Nostalgic Bliss

Photo Credits: Mallika Khurana

This incredible restaurant makes the bold claim that it will bring back the nostalgia of the 1990s in us, and I can assure you that they do. Yes, just by looking through their Instagram, you can get a sense of that to some extent. The amusing quotes such as “Arey dhyan kidhar hai theka idhar hai” and “Basanti aaj khoob nachegi” that are painted on the wall transport us back in time. There was a certain allure to the numerous Bollywood posters from the 1990s, as well as the mock stores and PCOs of that era. In fact, every corner of this place is consistent with the theme they offer.

However, do the interiors arouse our sense of nostalgia in the way they purport to? Definitely not. To ensure that they meet our expectations, they have, indeed, covered all the necessary ground. From their inventive drinks that transform our favourite spirits into something entirely delicious and desi, to their fascinating menu that will challenge you to choose what to order and what not to, the entire experience was incredible.

My Evening Of Music And Flavour At Nukkad Cafe & Bar

Nukkad cafe & bar
Photo Credits: Mallika Khurana

But what, you ask, really brought the whole experience to a close for us? Well, Nukkad Cafe & Bar hosts musical nights not only on the weekends but every night of every week! Yes, this is the place to be whenever you want to indulge in flavour and groove to soulful music. Surely, a lot of places in the city offer indulging music but hardly anyone hits the spot like Nukkad. For hours on end, we enjoyed listening to musician Chandra Bhanu and his band perform. With his soulful voice, he kept the nostalgic vibe going through song after song, winning over many hearts that evening. His voice and skills were truly the highlight of our evening. 

But without the primary component, food and beverages, how can any of these things possibly matter? Do not be alarmed; Nukkad has also mastered that. Their inventive bar menu is unmatched. They had more than just the traditional liquors; their cocktails were unique. Every creation, be it Sharabi Banta, Desi Tharre, or Nukkad Tales, is a work of art. Their food menu doesn’t disappoint either. They quite literally had everything, from Oriental picks to Chaats. 

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Reliving The ’90s

Photo Credits: Mallika Khurana

My evening began there with Rava Fry Fish Fingers and Lal Pari, a strong concoction of amla, gin, and Kahwa tea. The fish fingers were incredibly delicious and soft on the inside, with a perfectly crunchy exterior. The drink quickly became a personal favourite of mine. I also tried their well-known Benaras Palak Patta Chaat, but regrettably, it did not live up to my expectations. To be really honest, it could have been crispier to capture the original texture better. 

I then had the Todi Maharashtra drink, which is a delicious blend of coconut water and rum. You will not go back to the classic rum and coke after you try this one at Nukkad Cafe & Bar, I promise. I also sampled their KalaKhatta Banta, which was quite cooling. 

In terms of cuisine, I fell in love with the Butter Chicken Sliders right away. The succulent pieces of butter chicken had an incredible taste. You really must give it a try. I also tried their Dahi Papad ke Kebab and Noodle Spring Roll. Although the spring rolls were excellent and perfectly suitable for snacking while listening to music, the kebabs were not up to par. While the flavours were spot on, the texture lacked something.  

Indulging In Modern Gourmet Fare

main course
Photo Credits: Mallika Khurana and Press Release

When it came time for the main course indulgences, I had no idea what delectable treats were in store for me. From my perspective, a restaurant’s dal Makhni speaks volumes about its flavours. So obviously, it had to be ordered. I also had Tandoori Roti and Ghee Roasted Mushrooms. It is safe to say that Dal Makhni was simply outstanding. Its flavours were incredible and it was perfectly creamy. But what really stood out were the mushrooms. Every bite I took allowed me to truly taste how fresh the mushrooms were, which is a major plus. Although I was full, I couldn’t resist ending the night with hot gulab jamuns and vanilla ice cream—a delectable finish to the meal.

I would love to relive the entire evening with all of my loved ones because it was so perfect. Nukkad Cafe & Bar’s staff is simply outstanding. They are really helpful, from the wonderful service to the skill of making recommendations. 

Grab your friends and head to Nukkad if you are looking for a lively yet laid-back evening!

Where: HS-7, IIIrd Floor, Kailash Colony Market, Greater Kailash-1, Kailash Colony, Greater Kailash, New Delhi
When: 12 pm – 1 am
Cost: ₹1,800 (For two)

Cover Image Courtesy: Press Release and Mallika Khurana