Cucumber Uttapam, Balochi Aloo, Anyone? HYD’s Pure Veg Rest, GAURANG’s Kitchen Has It All & More

by Shreya Rathod
Cucumber Uttapam, Balochi Aloo, Anyone? HYD’s Pure Veg Rest, GAURANG’s Kitchen Has It All & More

Hyderabad has an interesting history — especially its culinary heritage. The city was once the home of the Nizam dynasty. This is why you can witness the diversity in Hyderabadi cuisine. Among the famous restaurants and eateries of the city, GAURANG’S Kitchen is marking its place by serving lip-smacking food! Take a look at what this pure vegetarian restaurant in Hyderabad has to offer.

GAURANG’S Kitchen In Hyderabad Offers Pure Veg Food!

gurang's kitchen
Credits: Press Release

GAURANG’S Kitchen is located in the heart of the city and has recently celebrated its first anniversary. The place is the favourite spot for food lovers as it offers over 500 varieties of dishes, including desserts and beverages. Moreover, these dishes are prepared using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations.

On the occasion of its anniversary, the restaurant has introduced sixteen new starters inspired by regional cuisines. In addition to serving delicious food, this restaurant takes you on an unexpected culinary journey.

You are surrounded by the aroma of exotic spices. Moreover, you can hear the sizzling of food being prepared. With tapestry texture and flavours, this place captures your senses!

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Delectable Treats For Anniversary Dinner

The anniversary treat of the restaurant offered a wide range of delicacies to choose from. It included some of their signature dishes like Maharashtra poha Patti samosa, crispy creamy cheesy pockets and tandoori paneer calzone. In addition to this, they introduced new treats like the pop corn paneer, tandoori stuffed chaap and cucumber uttapam.

The restaurant served healthier options like Lauki idli and Spinach/beetroot wrap. Their appetisers included tandoori fruit chaat, Bajri crackers with chana dal dip and Balochi aloo.

Interestingly, the menu wasn’t limited to regional treats but it offered some continental dishes like hummus stuffed falafel. No meal is complete with sweet treats, so they served cookies n cream kulfi to satisfy the sweet craving.

The restaurant’s founder states that they have received a positive response and are dedicated to serving customers with an interesting menu. He further states that they aim to revive the forgotten recipes and offer their customers the true diversity of India.

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If you live in Hyderabad, be sure to try vegetarian food at this amazing restaurant!

Cover Image Courtesy: Press Release