#CurlyTalesOfInspiration: Biker Woman Breaks Barriers

by Kamiya Jani
#CurlyTalesOfInspiration: Biker Woman Breaks Barriers

I first heard about biker woman, Chetna Pandit through a mutual friend. In conversation, I was told, “She’s spunky. Teaches women how to ride bikes – the Royal Enfield no less. In fact, she does dirt-racing and crazy stunts on the bike.” I was intrigued!

First Introductions

I slept over it and I knew I had to meet this girl. I was going to learn how to ride a Royal Enfield! A few phone calls later, we decided to meet at Aarey Milk Colony where I’d have my first training session. I’d already prepared myself. I’d be meeting a strong, well-built girl with a no bullS&*t attitude!

I couldn’t be more wrong. Chetna is a slightly built girl (all of 48kgs) and has the nicest disposition. We connected instantly. Coming from a humble background, Chetna is a fighter. She was orphaned at the age of 13. She lost her dad at 5 and her mom just as she hit her teens. Her uncle took her younger brother and her in. However, they were not supportive of her career choices.


Chetna was not one to give up! She decided that she was going to follow her passion and joined the Enfield Riders! When she submitted her email application to join the group, she got an instant call back. She was THE FIRST WOMAN to have ever submitted an application.

Chetna is a girl of firsts! A girl who breaks age-old stereotypes and a girl who could easily become a role-model to anyone looking to follow their passion.


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