Customer Spots Maggots Inside Fried Chicken At Malaysian Restaurant, Netizens Are Boycotting!

by Shreya Ghosh
Customer Spots Maggots Inside Fried Chicken At Malaysian Restaurant, Netizens Are Boycotting!

It is always a fun time to hang out and eat at different food joints and restaurants. But the experience can even take a turn if the place does not serve you good quality and hygienic food items. Imagine grabbing a bite of juicy fried chicken and you spot some maggots inside! Very yucky and disgusting, right? Recently, this incident happened at a restaurant in Malaysia and a video of this incident is getting viral on social media.

A Viral Twitter Account In Malaysia Shared This Video Of Fried Chicken With Maggots Inside It

The name of this popular Twitter page of Malaysia is MALAYSIA MOST VIRAL and this account uploaded a video of the restaurant that served fried chicken pieces with several maggots inside them. It is such a stomach-churning experience and we can only imagine how nauseating the customer felt after spotting those maggots inside the food.

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The now-viral video on Twitter shows how the customer has already eaten a part of the fried chicken and later notices the crawlies hidden inside. While one man found the maggots inside the pieces, another man recorded the entire thing on camera. There were not one or two crawlies inside. Instead, several maggots were seen in the recorded video. The worst part is that the eating experience became more disgusting than ever as the man had already eaten some bites of it.

Twitterati Is In Shock & Feeling Disgusted After Watching This Viral Video

It did not take much time for the video to get viral on social media. Shared on 18 April 2023, this video already has more than 697K views with over 3600 likes and tons of angry reactions and comments. Many Twitter users called out the restaurant for serving unhygienic food to the customers. Some even commented how this place needs to be boycotted. A few even shared their experiences of eating at such restaurants and finding unwanted elements inside their food orders.

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Here’s how the Twitter users are reacting to this viral video!

Picture credit- apip Twitter, Amber Jonas Twitter
Picture credit- Mo Ezz Twitter, Hagemaru Sinclair Twitter

Have you ever had such experiences at any eatery or food joint or restaurant?