‘Grammable Bangalore’s Lavonne Cafe Serves Delectable Fare; Netizens Are Swearing To Protect It

by Shreya Rathod
‘Grammable Bangalore’s Lavonne Cafe Serves Delectable Fare; Netizens Are Swearing To Protect It

Remember your first school, first job and first love? Humans cherish their memories, whether it’s of their firsts or childhood. Similarly, for most Bangaloreans, or people who have lived in Bangalore, the Lavonne Cafe holds special memories. A Twitter user posted pics of the dishes served at this cafe and it has opened the gate of memories for many of them!

Lavonne Cafe In Bangalore


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Lavonne Cafe is a famous cafe located in Indiranagar, St Mark’s Road and Whitefield in Bangalore. The cafe is a vibrant place with a beautiful interior and perfect for coffee dates, birthday celebrations or other special occasions. Among the variety of dishes served at this place, Honey Toast, Belgian Hot Chocolate, Quiche Lorraine, Macaroon, Hazelnut Frappe and Cinnamon Roll are a must try!

Other than this, they have pancakes, sourdough toast and a range of salad options. If you love having burgers, sandwiches and pastas, Lavonne Cafe is your stop. In fact, in pastas, they serve some amazing dishes like Basil Pesto Spaghetti with Grilled Vegetables & Bocconcini, Spaghetti Aglio e Olio, Spaghetti Alla Carbonara with Bacon and Fried Egg, Penne Alfredo with Grilled Vegetables & Bocconcini and so on.

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As for burgers and sandwiches, these dishes are a must try! They include BBQ Pulled Pork with Sliced Green Apples, Double Patty Cheeseburger with Bacon & Fried Egg, Grilled Chicken with Fresh Tomatoes and Mozzarella and so on!

This place is so popular among Bangaloreans that when a Twitter user, @arfunnnnn, tweeted about it, people started sharing their memories attached to the place!

Netizens Love The Cafe!

After the Twitter user posted pics of dishes served at the Lavonne Cafe, people started sharing their memories with the place. One of the users remembers that she had visited the place with her girls. Another user recommends the mushroom toast served by the cafe and states that it’s utterly delicious! According to another user, it is the best place to get a good carbonara. It is indeed an institution, however, given its popularity, the place will surely stay for a long time!

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Share memories of your favourite cafe or restaurant. Comment below if you have ever visited Lavonne Cafe.

Cover Image Courtesy: @arfunnnnn/ Twitter