Cyclone Biparjoy: Gusty Winds At 110-125 Kmph, Houses Broken, Power Cut In Villages & More Havoc

by Shreya Ghosh
Cyclone Biparjoy: Gusty Winds At 110-125 Kmph, Houses Broken, Power Cut In Villages & More Havoc

Cyclone Biparjoy led to major destruction in several parts of Gujarat. The massive storm majorly hit the Kutch-Saurashtra region of the state leading to wreaking havoc all around. From breaking electricity poles to uprooting massive trees to damaging thousands of houses, the consequences of the cyclone are very severe in Gujarat. With massive downpours and gusty winds of speed about 110-125 km/h on Thursday, thousands of villages have been badly affected due to the cyclone.

Netizens Shared Videos Of Scary Cyclone Biparjoy In Gujarat

Some residents of different parts of the state have shared clips of the storms and heavy rainfall creating catastrophes all around. Here’s a video of the cyclone in Ahmedabad shared by the Twitter user Ravi shihag (@upsc_aspirant78).

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Twitter user Durgesh Chavda (@Durgesh_Chavda_)  also shared a video showing clips of rainfall in Kutch.

Not just damages and destruction of hundreds of trees, but uncountable houses, vehicles, electric poles, and more such things faced damages in different parts of Gujarat. Cyclone Biparjoy also took away the lives of 2 people, according to a report by NDTV. Also, more than 20 people have suffered injuries as well.

To help and save people from this frightening cyclone, teams of National Disaster Response Force teams, State Disaster Response Force, the State Road and Building Department, and State Electricity Department are working.

There Is No Electricity In Thousands Of Villages

The massive lashing out of Cyclone Biparjoy has broken thousands of electric poles. This led to power cuts in about 4,600 villages in Gujarat on Thursday. Till Friday noon, electricity work has been completed in 3,580 villages, according to a report by LiveMint. These villages have proper electricity right now. But there are still about 1,000 villages where the power supply has not been restored.

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Further Updates On Cyclone Biparjoy:

  • The intensity of the cyclone has decreased to some extent and is likely to hit Rajasthan by evening.
  • According to updates of today noon, several places in Rajasthan are experiencing rainfall already.
  • Dr. Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, the India Meteorological Department Director General stated that the cyclone is going toward the northwest direction.
  • There are high chances of many parts of Rajasthan experiencing extreme downpours on 16 and 17 June.

Stay safe!

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