Fact Check: Fake Videos Of Cyclone Biparjoy Are Going Viral Online. Here’s The Reality!

by Shreya Ghosh
Fact Check: Fake Videos Of Cyclone Biparjoy Are Going Viral Online. Here’s The Reality!

There are so many news and updates on Cyclone Biparjoy ongoing all around us. People are getting prepared to protect themselves from the expected harsh landfalls, storms, and rainfall. In between all the buzz of the cyclone hitting some parts of India on 15 June, some videos are making rounds on various social media platforms. We have found some videos on the Internet that are claiming to be related to this scary cyclone but the reality is completely different.

All These Videos Of Cyclone Biparjoy Surfacing Online Are Not REAL!

Several Twitter users have shared a video of a boat in the middle of an ocean on this micro-blogging site. The video shows how this boat is almost tumbling due to the major waves hitting it. Tweeple are sharing that these are effects of Cyclone Biparjoy.

Here’s this viral video shared by B K Prasant 🇮🇳 (@prasantkumar901).

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Another Twitter user कप्तान Kaptaan (@jacksparrow3976) also shared this scary ship video.

What Is The Truth?

According to a report by Newschecker, all these videos claiming to be effects of Cyclone Biparjoy are actually wrong. In reality, this is an old video from 3 February 2023. The original video was actually shared by the Twitter account of USCGPacificNorthwest (@USCGPacificNW).

This video is actually about a coast guard rescue swimmer who saved a man’s life from the surf in the ocean. According to a February report by The Times of India, this boat was found at the Columbia River somewhere between Oregon and Washington State.

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Twitter user Professional DrEam3r 🇵🇰 (@Vk3_hassan) shared a video showing a storm destructing a place. In the caption, the Twitter user stated that these are the effects of Cyclone Biparjoy in Pakistan’s Keti Bandar.

The reality check here is that this is a video from 11 May 2022 shared by Prudent Media of Facebook. This video is of high winds blowing away a shed in Karnataka.

According to a report by Newschecker, a video made using CGI is getting viral as Cyclone Biparjoy. The truth is that the YouTuber @rtsarovvideo created this video.

Don’t believe everything you see on social media. Stay safe!

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ B K Prasant 🇮🇳 (@prasantkumar901), Twitter/ कप्तान Kaptaan (@jacksparrow3976)