Dance, Giveaways & More; Shah Rukh Khan Spotted At Global Village, Dubai For Dunki Promotions

Here's how Dunki's promotional event in Dubai was filled with entertainment!

by Deeplata Garde
Dance, Giveaways & More; Shah Rukh Khan Spotted At Global Village, Dubai For Dunki Promotions

Can you name a celebrity that frequently visits Dubai? The ones who shouted Shah Rukh Khan should praise themselves because they are absolutely correct. Be it for a personal trip, promoting the culture as a Dubai brand ambassador or more, we can always hear SRK coming to the Emirate. But this time it was special as the King Khan of Bollywood visited the Global Village after 5 long years. He was spotted promoting his upcoming movie, Dunki!

Shah Rukh Khan Visits Global Village With Open Arms

The actor has been in high spirits to promote his latest movie, Dunki, directed by the famous director Raju Hirani. And what better place to promote his movie than his second home, Dubai? The Emirates love Shah Rukh Khan and watch his movies. The SRK fanbase in Dubai is unbelievable. So here’s how Dunki’s promotion went at Global Village last night!

Dancing, Giveaways & So Much More

Pic Creds: Insta/ Global Village

The superstar was spotted dancing to the tunes of O Maahi from his upcoming film Dunki on the Global Village Stage. He interacted with the fans who gathered at the multicultural entertainment destination in Dubai to get a glimpse of their favourite actor from Bollywood. After setting the stage ablaze with his moves, Shah Rukh did the most favourite thing for his fans. He opened his arms to give the signature romantic pose, which he is widely popular for.

Fans of SRK were seen holding up boards with messages like ‘ I Love You SRK’ and more. This shows their affection towards the popular star. As the night passed SRK was given a bunch of soft toys which he whirled and threw towards the audience. The noise filled the surroundings with fans shouting his name with excitement and love. He was given a missile that contained giveaway packages and he shot them across for the gifts to reach the audience gathered.

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Heading To VOX Cinemas

Pic Creds: Insta/ Global Village

“I love you too,” Shah Rukh Khan added after expressing gratitude to everyone for their support. When he later made an appearance at Dubai’s VOX Cinemas, the audience went crazy. Enthusiastic spectators filled the entire theatre, whooping and cheering for the performer.

The actor travelled to Dubai for a unique fan event as the movie prepared for its December 21 release and advance reservations went live globally. Over the weekend, photographers snapped SRK at the Mumbai airport as he boarded a flight to Dubai. He flew down to Dubai engage with his fans in a lavish event, featuring a song and dance session where he would showcase his finest self.

During his audience interaction, Khan disclosed the storyline of his movie “Dunki,” stating that it centred on the idea that “home is where the heart is.”

Addressing an audience in Dubai, he mentioned how he knows many expats have left their homes and chosen Dubai as their second home. He further added that expats coming from come from various subcontinents, like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, and more now call Dubai their new home. So relates the situation with the plot of his movie saying that the entire film is about your longing to see your original home, even though you have your new home.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Global Village UAE

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