Hidden Gem Of Delhi: The Dastkar Crafts Bazaar

by Natasha Monteiro
Hidden Gem Of Delhi: The Dastkar Crafts Bazaar

Delhi folks love their handicrafts and are always ready to scavenge all possible corners, just to get their hands on the best artisanal goodies. Well, we found a corner that is filled with such fine products, knowing it will leave you wanting more. The Dastkar Crafts Bazaar has been a secret haven for handicraft lovers since 1981, curating and selling beautiful garments and accessories, home furnishings and decor, toys, stationery, and folk art.

What Is It?

Promoting regional crafts made my women from marginalized sections of society, helping them earn a livelihood and keeping local traditions alive, Dastkar combines goodwill and artistry in one masterstroke.

Located in Andheria Mode, a ten-minute walk from Chattarpur Metro station, the bazaar hosts a number of events through out the year, combining great shopping with food and culture revelries.

This year, you can catch the Asia Bazaar in August, the Grand Saree Affair in September, the Festival of Lights around Diwali, and ending the year with the seasonal Winter Mela in December. Don’t worry, the bazaar is active through out the year and has plenty to offer, even in the absence of events.

 Dastkar Crafts Bazaar
Accessories at Dastkar

The History:

Dastkar was founded in 1981 by six women who worked in the craft and development sector. One of them being Laila Tyabji, Dastkar’s current Chairperson. The crux of Dastkar’s programme is to help craftspeople, especially women, to use their own traditional craft skills. This helps them in terms of employment, income generation and economic self-sufficiency.

Best part? The market is short walk away from the Mehrauli Archaeological Park. It’s a historical 200+ acre park harboring tombs and mosques that send you back in time. A perfect photo-op spot, the park, along with bazaar guarantee a day well spent.

Have fun!

 Dastkar Crafts Bazaar
Handicrafts at Dastkar


Nature Bazaar Venue, Kisan Haat, Andheria Modh, Anuvrat Marg, Desu Colony, Chhattarpur, New Delhi


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