Dating Back To More Then 700 Years, This Village Near Abha, Saudi Is An Architectural Wonder

by Deeplata Garde
Dating Back To More Then 700 Years, This Village Near Abha, Saudi Is An Architectural Wonder

Saudi Arabia is one such country which is less explored by tourists around the world. It’s so much more than sand dunes. The small towns spread across the kingdom has their own unique story to share. So if you are curious about exploring beautiful villages across Saudi and understanding the cultural and architectural value it carries, we have a suggestion for you. Visit this village that will surprise you with its beautiful structures.

Rijal Almaa Village Is An Architectural Wonder

The regional trade centre settles in the Rijal Almaa province, Aseer region, Saudi Arabia. Many of the structures in the town have many levels. It earned a position on the list of the world’s top tourist settlements. The credit goes to its stone castles and vibrant structures. Ancient artefacts and legends are carefully concealed within the distinctive architectural styles of Rijal Almaa village.

The village’s numerous long-standing fortifications give it historical value. The settlement is accessible to visitors. There are several routes that people may use to get there, including Sawda Center, Aqabat Sama, Muhayil Asir, and Hobail.

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Places To Visit Around The Village

1. Museum

Pic Credits: Twitter

A quick account of the social and personal life of the Almaa residents is on display in the museum. After all, they converted it into this museum. This museum has 20 sections that include conventional objects, antiquated writings, and historical agricultural, building, and transportation instruments. In order to beautify the fort, the village ladies worked with local artist Fatima Ali Abu Qahhas. Many of them afterwards donated part of their cash as well as their old silver jewellery. The village sons gathered the used stuff that the residents had given them. Most of these artefacts are kept in the museum and are on exhibit for visitors to admire and explore.

2. Qasabat Al-Owus Tower

Pic Credits: Flickr

This wonderful old tower is approx 5 km away from Haswa town, which is a part of the governorate of Rijal Almaa. One of the first tourist attractions, it has a surface area of about 26 square metres. Typically, site visitors climb to the tower’s top to take in the spectacular view from a great height.

3. Shaokan mountain

Pic Creds: Wikipedia

The mountain obtains its name from the numerous prickly pear trees that make it home there. A rustic hamlet is present, named Honey Cottage. They built it using local natural materials from the highlands. It is one of the primary draws in the community of Rijal Almaa. You can take a seat on its rustic benches and take advantage of an exceptional opportunity to sample the genuine honey variety of Rijal Almaa.

4. Wadi Hali Dam

Pic Creds: FOSRAC

North of the settlement is where you’ll find the Wadi Hali dam. There are several traditional homes in the region. The dam serves a variety of uses, including irrigation, municipal water supply, and flood control. After the King Fahad Dam, this dam makes it the second largest in the nation.

Where:Rijal Almaa Province, Rijal Village, Asir Region
When:7am to 8pm

So plan your escape to this architecturally picturesque small town in Saudi Arabia.

Cover Image Courtesy: Flickr