Daylight Saving Is Coming To An End; From Date To Changes, Here’s All About The Practice

In Australia, Daylight Saving is coming to an end very soon.

by Shreya Ghosh
Daylight Saving Is Coming To An End; From Date To Changes, Here’s All About The Practice

Daylight Saving is quite an alien concept for people living in India. While many of us might have heard about it somewhere, most are not aware of its meaning, the practice, and the reason behind it. To simplify it in the easiest words, Daylight Saving is a practice where the clock is turned an hour ahead of normal time. Well, it is about to end soon and here’s all you need to know about the ending.

What Will Change After The End Of Daylight Saving?

Daylight Saving
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During this practice, the clock is moved forward by an hour intending to make daylight last longer and make the best use of these hours. With the beginning of April month, Daylight Saving is about to end soon. While Indians are getting ready to experience the horrible summer season and scorching heat in April, it is the mid-autumn season in Australia. As the fall approaches, the clock is set to change its time by an hour backwards.

Australia is all set to experience the autumn season now with a dip in temperature. A break from harsh summer and a time to experience the fall season. And now Daylight Saving will also come to an end. On April 7, the clocks will jump an hour backwards. Understanding all these changes in time can be confusing. To give a clear representation, here we have the answers to your questions.

As the time will be an hour earlier with the end of Daylight Saving, Australia will soon enjoy an extra hour, according to a report by TimeOut. The Sun will be setting in the West an hour before time.

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When Will The Practice End On Sunday?

Daylight Saving
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In the early hours of April 7, the Daylight Saving will come to an end. This means that the time will move an hour backwards in the early morning on Sunday. People using mobiles, computers, and laptops will see the change in time if the devices are connected to the Internet. And for other clocks and watches, time will need to be turned back.

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Hope these answers clear your confusion regarding Daylight Saving and its changes.

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