Dead Rat Found In Food Served To Police Deployed During Bengaluru Bandh; Hotel Owner Booked

dead rat bengaluru bandh
by Sanjana Shenoy

It’s absolutely disheartening to find creepy crawlies in meals served at eateries and restaurants. The sheer lack of hygiene, negligence and often the audacity of restaurateurs to shrug off the grave matter with a refund or blind eye is disappointing. In yet another such incident, a dead rat was found in the food served to cops deployed during the Bengaluru Bandh on September 26.

Bengaluru Police Find Dead Rat In Food Packets Served During Bandh

As per a report by The Indian Express, a traffic cop on duty during the Bengaluru Bandh found a dead rat in his food packet supplied by a local restaurant. The police revealed that 180 rice packets were distributed to the on-duty officers at 7:30 am. A local hotel prepared the food.

Picture Credits: Canva

Joint Commissioner of Traffic Police Anucheth revealed to Hindustan Times that a dead rat was found in one of the breakfast packets supplied to the police assigned for duty during the Bengaluru Bandh to handle protests happening due to the Cauvery water dispute.

The Joint Commissioner of Traffic Police revealed that once the dead rat was discovered in one of the food packets, the police were enraged. The officer immediately took to WhatsApp to alert his colleagues and warn them not to consume the food. Fortunately, the traffic cops came across the dead rat before they started eating.

Mumbai Restaurant Faced Flak For Similar Reason

So they all avoided eating the food. The Vidyaranyapura police registered a case against the hotel owner. Furthermore, the police started an inquiry to find out who gave the contract to the hotel to prepare food for the police during the Bengaluru Bandh in the first place.

Earlier, customers came across a dead rat in the food served at Papa Pancho Dhaba near Pali at Saki Naka in Mumbai. The fine-dining restaurant is known to serve North Indian dhaba-style food like Sarson ka Saag, Kurkure Bhindi, Malai Kofta na more faced a lot of flak for this. It was unbelievable to spot a rat carcass in the gravy and Netizens weren’t forgiving.

Meanwhile, do let us know if you ever came across such horrific incidents while dining.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva