Deepika Padukone Has An Effective Bedtime Routine. You Might Wanna Try Too!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Deepika Padukone Has An Effective Bedtime Routine. You Might Wanna Try Too!

Deepika Padukone is one of the leading actresses in Bollywood. She is a global star who doesn’t shy away from accepting a varied range of characters. We can never get enough of how talented and beautiful Deepika is! Recently, she joined us for a Sunday Brunch episode with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. They enjoyed and relaxed at their cute little girlie staycation. On this amazing episode, Deepika talked about her skincare routines, shared some food recommendations from her Bhutan trip, her date night rituals with her husband Ranveer Singh, and more. Watch the video linked below!

Deepika Padukone Shared With Us Her Effective Bedtime Routine

Looking at her flawless skin, we’re in complete awe of her beauty. Surely, we wanted to know what Deepika’s bedtime routine is and how particular she is about it. Deepika replied, “Yes, one is that I never sleep with makeup on. Two, I always cleanse my skin, which is part of my taking off makeup.” She added that next she follows an ultra-luxurious skincare routine for the night.

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Deepika shared that she takes extra care at night because she believes that sleeping in with skin care products makes skin cells absorb products much better. If there is one thing we know about her, it’s that Deepika is extremely particular about her skincare routine. Thankfully, we now know the reason behind her glowing skin!

She Does This In Her Hotel Room Everytime

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Deepika told us that she prefers staycations over vacations as the bags are much lighter and the days are fewer. Also, there is no need for itineraries to explore a particular place. Therefore, staycations are a great way to just decompress. She also shared that whenever she checks into a hotel, she always fixes the ‘feng shui’ of the room. She does this to somehow make the room feel homey. This involves moving the furniture around and removing objects that don’t please her eyes.

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Kamiya and Deepika enjoyed a very yummy meal while chatting away during their staycation on Sunday Brunch, and we couldn’t be more jealous! Check out the whole video to know more about how she got deeply invested in her skincare regime and how her personal skincare brand, 82°E, came into being. Comment below what you think it is.

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