Deepika Padukone Shares Her Favourite Food Joints In Bengaluru & Mumbai. Foodies, Take Note!

by Mallika Khurana
Deepika Padukone Shares Her Favourite Food Joints In Bengaluru & Mumbai. Foodies, Take Note!

Deepika Padukone is one of the very few Bollywood actresses who has a mass following not only in India but abroad as well. Especially after her impeccable roles in movies like Ram Leela, Bajirao Mastani, and more, she emerged as a gracious diva with impeccable skills. Bringing her most eloquent self to our latest Sunday Brunch, she recently joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, on a fun staycation. To learn all about the amazing things we got to know about her, head to the episode.

These Are Deepika Padukone’s Favourite Eateries In Bengaluru And Mumbai

After revealing how she hasn’t been on a staycation yet and how much she wants to, it was time to get her to spill all her favourite eateries in Mumbai as well as in Bengaluru. Deepika shared that she loves Veena Stores in Malleshwaram for idlis, CTR for benne masala dosa, and ambur biryani, a different kind of biryani popular in Bengaluru. Coming to Mumbai, Deepika Padukone shared her love for Japanese food at Mizu and how affordable she finds it. However, in the end, her heart belongs to home-cooked food, and there is nothing that beats it for her.

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This Is What She Doesn’t Travel Without Ever

Deepike Padukone Sunday Brunch
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Next, we asked Deepika about the one thing she definitely cannot travel without, and she shared that sunscreen is the absolute essential element in her travel kit. Spilling more beans about the kind of packer she is, Deepika shared that she is very systematic when it comes to packing for a trip. She likes to be ready for all kinds of scenarios she might come across and considers herself a pretty good packer. 

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Before ending our great conversation with her, we asked Deepika Padukone what makes her happy, and guess what? It’s food and travel! While we completely resonated with that idea of happiness, she added that she loves spending time with friends and family, her skincare rituals, and her me time as well. 

Further in this exciting episode, Deepika shared more about her goals for the coming year and about her sleeping routine, and you cannot miss it. Go ahead and watch the episode right away!

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