Delhi Airport Chaos: Passengers Complain About 3-Hour Long Queues For Immigration And Security Check

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Delhi Airport Chaos: Passengers Complain About 3-Hour Long Queues For Immigration And Security Check

On Wednesday, air passengers at Delhi Airport had to face a chaotic morning. Many passengers complained about having to stand in long queues that lasted for more than three hours. These long lines were for immigration and security checks. Many passengers took their complaint to Twitter and tagged all the concerned authorities, fetching answers with respect to the chaos at the airport. 

Delhi Airport Chaos, Again

If you were at the Delhi airport this morning, we totally understand your plight of inconvenience. Many frequent passengers facing this problem at the airport called it a perennial problem. Not only were there long lines for immigration and security, but also for entry to the lounge.A passenger, Tanushree Pandey, stuck in the airport chaos, took her plight to Twitter.

She tweeted about the current scenario at the airport, where people were standing in the queues for over 3 hours. Her tweet also mentioned that people were fighting and some had fainted because of the inconvenience caused to them. Tanushree also informed me that most of the counters were not operational. The Delhi airport’s official Twitter handle did respond to her tweet and read that they were not happy to know about the inconvenience. 

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Reach 3.5 Hours Before Scheduled Time

A frequent traveller commented on the Twitter post, saying the problem has been there forever and that he is no longer an optimist. Another passenger, Harsh Tyagi, said that the line for immigration goes beyond the entrance point. People fear missing their flights and hence forge on. 

According to the most recent data, domestic airlines in the nation handled approximately 1.25 crore passengers during January 2023, compared to 64 lakh during the same period last year. 

In the past several months, there has been a steady increase in aviation traffic, and many airports, including the Delhi airport, have begun to see lengthier lines of travellers. Many airlines had issued advisory for all the passengers to reach about 3.5 hours before the scheduled time to the airport. 

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Have you witnessed the Delhi Airport chaos?

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