Jharkhand’s Udhwa Bird Sanctuary Hopes To Bag The Prestigious Ramsar Site Status

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Jharkhand’s Udhwa Bird Sanctuary Hopes To Bag The Prestigious Ramsar Site Status

Jharkhand is famous across the nation for its mineral resources and coal mines. It is popular for illegal mining as well. But little did you know that this place also has a beautiful bird sanctuary? Yes, Jharkhand, which means ‘land of forests’ in various Indo-Aryan languages, is home to the state’s only bird sanctuary, the Udhwa Bird Sanctuary. The sanctuary is hoping to win the prestigious Ramsar Site status. 

Jharkhand’s Udhwa Bird Sanctuary

Udhwa Bird Sanctuary is located in the Sahibganj district of Jharkhand. The bird sanctuary is spread across 565 hectares of land. It is home to a large number of migratory and resident birds. During the winter migration season, the sanctuary saw the presence of over 6000 birds, as per a study of the wetlands. 

Two backwaters over the Ganges, Patauda and Berhale, make up this avian habitat. Every winter, migratory birds travel from all over the world, including Siberia and Europe, to reach this area. The major birds include the pratincole, egret, wagtail, plover, lapwing, stork, ibis, and heron.

udhwa bird sanctuary
Pic credits: wikimedia commons

Last year, the same study recorded about 2700 birds in the area, and this year the numbers went above double. The number is not large in comparison to other wetlands in India, but it is increasing.

The sanctuary is hoping to bag the prestigious Ramsar Site status. If this bird sanctuary bags this status, it will help in the conservation and preservation of this wetland in India. 

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Various Measures Attributed To The Improvement

The improvement in the number of birds at the Udhwa Bird Sanctuary is the result of various measures taken. Educating locals about nature, habitat, and sensitising them about eco-tourism prospects are some of them. Another measure is working towards putting an end to the problem of poaching in this area. 

Keeping the welfare of local communities, conservation and preservation of the wetland in mind, the sanctuary hopes to win this status. 

udhwa bird sanctuary
Pic credits: wikimedia commons (Rep Image)

According to the Ramsar Convention, a Ramsar Site is a wetland area of worldwide significance. An international agreement from 1971 known as the Ramsar Convention is dedicated to the preservation and prudent administration of wetlands. Ramsar Sites are significant because they promote the sensible and sustainable use of the wetlands’ resources in addition to protecting their wetlands. 

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On your next visit to Jharkhand, do visit this spot!

Cover Image Courtesy:  Rep image Wikimedia commons