Queen Of Chotanagpur, Netarhat In Jharkhand To Get Revamped As Eco-Tourism Site

by Shreya Rathod
Queen Of Chotanagpur, Netarhat In Jharkhand To Get Revamped As Eco-Tourism Site

Looking for an offbeat location? Well, you got one! The Queen Of Chotanagpur is ready for its makeover as an eco-tourism site. With scenic views of sunrise and sunsets, Jharkhand’s Netarhat is making a new addition to its natural grandeur filled with splendid waterfalls and spellbinding scenery.

Netarhat: New Eco-Tourism Destination

Credits: Wikimedia

The majority of Netarhat’s population are the tribals of India. Further, most of its traditions are related to natural resources derived from this forest. Hence, it is a perfect set-up for eco-tourism. The families of these tribes have actively participated in the homestay programme and have painted their homes with traditional tribal colours, which are white and cream. Moreover, there are training programmes for the youth of Netarhat.

According to the Latehar Deputy Commissioner, the first phase of enrollment is complete, and nearly 40 families have joined the homestay programme. Further, there is a plan of adding about 80 houses in Sirsi. There are also plans of building ropeway projects. The government has announced investments in the tourism sector to promote such beautiful places.

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Beauty Of This Offbeat Hill Station

Netarhat is full of bamboo trees with mahua, pine, and many others. Apart from this, the people have their own traditions, culture, language, and food. Moreover, they have their own traditional dances and music. Netarhat has the highest waterfall in Jharkhand, Lodh Falls. Also, there is a sunset point called Magnolia Point which is a suicide point, as well. According to popular folklore, a British girl Magnolia fell in love with a peasant and was thrown out of society. She committed suicide at this point. Apart from this, it has huge acres of apple and pear gardens.

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This offbeat place has an abundance of wildlife, serene nature, and rich culture. So, when will you visit this hill station?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia