Delhi Couple Distributes Free Rose Sherbat To Passersby To Beat The Scorching Heat

by Sanmita A
Delhi Couple Distributes Free Rose Sherbat To Passersby To Beat The Scorching Heat

Delhi’s summers are becoming unbearable, with the temperature rising to almost 50-degrees in the past few days. Dry, heat waves are sweltering people in the city. And this is the time it is essential to be hydrated and maintain the body temperature. To give some respite from the heat, a Delhi couple decided to distribute rose sharbat to passersby on the road. The couple, in their 20s, shared a glimpse of their initiative on Instagram, which has now caught the netizens’ attention.

Touching Gesture By A Delhi Couple

The Instagram Reel has 28-year-old YouTuber @tapshi, a pilot and fitness enthusiast, and his wife, Prachi Goswami, serving free glasses of rose sherbet. The video shows the couple with a big tub of Rooh Afza or rose sherbet, milk and ice cubes. The video’s caption says, ‘Kabhi kabhi aache kaam bhi karne chahiye!’ Their video shows that a lot of people gathered around them to drink sherbet. Starting from kids on bikes, and autowallahs to even elderly folks on cycles.


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In the end, after finishing the entire tub, the couple went ahead and collected all the plastic glasses on the roads and dumped them in the right place. Looks extremely satisfying, right?

The couple has received a lot of comments on their thoughtful gesture.

Delhi Couple_1

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These little and unique gestures make us believe that there is so much good in this world. So, if you too wish to do something different and help people, why not start with the simplest of things.

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