This Delhi Autorickshaw Has A Roof-Top Garden To Beat The Heat On The Move

by Sanmita A
This Delhi Autorickshaw Has A Roof-Top Garden To Beat The Heat On The Move

Some Indian states are suffering from high-temperature weather with continuous heat waves. As a result, people are resorting to different methods and ways to cope with the unbearable heat. We came across this autorickshaw in Delhi with a full, green garden on top. It is a sight! This Delhi autorickshaw undoubtedly stands out from the rest as the driver has figured out this unique yet effective way of cooling himself and his passengers.

Delhi Autorickshaw With A Mini Garden

48-year old Mahendra Kumar believes that the mini garden on the autorickshaw’s rooftop prevents it from direct sunlight. What an incredible and eco-friendly idea, right? Passengers also agree with the concept and believe the greens provide fresh air and allow some respite from the intense sun.

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Tomatoes, Mango, &  Spinach Grow On The Autorickshaw Rooftop

You’re mistaken if you thought that Mahendra Kumar was only growing flowers. He has planted fruits like Mango, tomatoes, leafy vegetables like spinach and 25 other types of plants. It doesn’t sound that miniature of a garden, isn’t it? Well, it is! Take a look –

In India, most people travel via autorickshaws, a common vehicle for short and medium distances.

Delhi’s Burning Temperature

Delhi has been on top of the weather charts for the soaring temperature in the past few weeks. A couple of days ago, Delhi recorded 49 degrees, which is disturbing. And unfortunately, it is not only Delhi but also several other states and cities that have recorded such high temperatures.

This brings up various questions and debates on how climate change affects the environment and how it will further affect us. Now, it only remains for us to see what can be done to change the fast-paced climate deterioration or buckle ourselves up for an inevitable condition.

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