Delhi Food Delivery Agent Sends ‘Miss You’ To Female Customer & Netizens Are Annoyed With Swiggy’s Response

by Sanmita A
Delhi Food Delivery Agent Sends ‘Miss You’ To Female Customer & Netizens Are Annoyed With Swiggy’s Response

As technology progresses and we share our contact, email ids and other personal details with brands and companies, the probability to expose ourselves to unpleasant experiences also increases. Has it ever happened that you have feared speaking up to drivers, delivery agents or any individuals who have direct or indirect access to your personal information? Probably a lot of times! However, this nightmare came true for a woman in Delhi who ordered food via a popular food delivery service and ended up receiving inappropriate texts from the ‘stranger’ – the food delivery agent!

Here’s what happened with her!

Delhi Woman Shares Her Story On Twitter

This Delhiite goes on Twitter to share her harassment story and tags the food delivery service, Swiggy. And according to her tweets, this wasn’t the first instance that she received such messages. She also wrote that how this incident is going to affect her in the near future and she will continue to remember this anytime she orders food or groceries online. On sharing the incident, other female netizens also shared their experiences with food delivery partners.

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Brand’s Response To The Incident

After the female customer shared the incident with the appropriate authorities, she claims to have received a very generic response to it. The netizens too were annoyed with this popular brand for not giving adequate attention to the matter.

Take a look on how the fellow netizens reacted to the incident. You’ll also find female customers who have clearly had similar experiences with the same brand –


As the news escalated, the woman said that she was contacted by higher authorities in Swiggy who ensured her that such incidents will not take place in the future. Further, she also said that delivery partners tend to get our phone numbers when they get calls back calls from the customers.

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