Delhi, Head Over To Guppy For Some Delicious Japanese Fare

by Sharmila Chand
Delhi, Head Over To Guppy For Some Delicious Japanese Fare

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If you want to relish Japanese cuisine beyond sushi and sea food in a pretty ‘home like’ restaurant, you should be heading to Guppy, tucked in a quiet corner of Lodi colony market in Delhi.

What Is It?

I have always been very fond of Guppy for many reasons. First, I love the cheerful kitschy décor. It feels like you’re going back to your younger days and makes you want to start dating all over again. Believe me, the charming props and live music is very tempting for that twosome candle light mode.

Restaurant- Guppy

Second, the hugely talented Chef Vikram Khatri never fails to impress me. His impeccable style and attention to details is remarkable. He makes it a point to reach out to the guest’s table and explain his dishes.

Third, I like the way it sounds and means. At the restaurant, look for the water body with a stream of metallic Guppies (tropical fish) strung together like a stream of a river.

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What To Eat?

Based on the concept of ‘shun’, here chefs choose dishes according to the fresh ingredient of the season when it tastes the best. So the summer menu features alphonso mangoes sushi, chilled green tea flavoured noodles, fennel, Sweet Lime & Greens Salad, Edamame & Corn Cake, Grilled Chinese Cabbage & Miso Tofu.

Guppy - Dynamite spider roll
Dynamite Spider Roll

Guppy’s signature items are an all time hit like ‘Tiger Prawn Tempura Udon’ – Japanese udon noodles served with soy flavoured dashi broth and crisp fried Tempura; ‘Guppy Signature Black Cod’ – black miso marinated black cod served on a hot stone; Chashu Ramen in pork broth slow cooked for 72 hours; and ‘Grilled Jumbo Prawn’ – served with assorted veggies and peppered garlic.

Fennel, Sweet Lime and Greens Salad
Fennel, Sweet Lime and Greens Salad

The food is a fair balance of veg, non veg and seafood. You could taste the spicy, the tangy, and the exotic all in one bite.

Guppy - Mango And Avocado Cream Cheese Roll
Mango And Avocado Cream Cheese Roll

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What To Drink?

Enjoy some refreshing cocktails like Samurai Slash (fresh kiwi, yubari melon, soju and lime), Strawberry Sumo (sochu, fresh strawberry, basil, lime and sugar), Tokyo Dawn (soju, fresh pomegranate, kefir lime, lime and sugar) and a lot more.

Do Not Miss!

Rain Drop Cake made with sakura flower, roasted soybean flour and palm jaggery which end your meal perfectly. If you keep admiring it, it may turn into water! Yes it is the same iconic ‘Japan’s Viral Raindrop Cake’ that took the internet by storm. Check it out as we have found it here in Delhi!!


28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi


12 to 3.30 and 7pm to 12.30am

Meal For Two

Lunch: 1500 ++

Dinner: 2000 ++

For Reservation

011 24690005 / 6, +91 9650185005



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