Delhi Metro Corp Is Bidding For Work On Bahrain Metro Project

by Ishita Agarwal
Delhi Metro Corp Is Bidding For Work On Bahrain Metro Project

The operator of a 390-km metro network in the capital of India, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), is competing for consulting work on the $2 billion Bahrain Metro project’s first phase, which consists of two lines totalling 29 km in length and 20 stops. Let’s check out more about the Bahrain Metro project. 

DMRC Is All Set To Step Into International Market 

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By accepting consulting and management contracts for metro trains in more recent regions, including Bahrain, Mauritius, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Egypt, India’s first and largest metro rail operator, DMRC is ready to increase its worldwide reach.

DMRC has joined the consortium proposal for its mass rapid transit networks in Tel Aviv, Alexandria, and Ho Chi Minh City. However, it has chosen to act alone in the cases of Bahrain and Mauritius. 

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Everything To Know About Bahrain Metro Project

Bahrain metro project
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The massive Bahrain Metro project will be complete in four stages. The first consists of two lines with 20 stations over a distance of 29 kilometres. It is the beginning of the Bahraini government’s ambitions to build a 109-km rail-based urban transportation system. It will include two lines with an estimated combined length of 28.6 km, 20 stops, and two interchanges. 

Aradous Energy Generation Company and Taqi Mohammed Albaharana Trading Establishment, two of Bahrain’s largest utility companies, are also involved. For the project’s PPP procurement, a team of financial, technical, and legal experts has been selected, with KPMG serving as the main transaction advisor, Egis serving as the technical advisor, and DLA Piper serving as the legal advisor. 

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Phase 1 of the new metro system’s Red and Blue lines combines 28.6 kilometres. This will serve up to 43,000 passengers during peak hours. In addition, the Bahrain Urban Transit Network Project (BUTN), which will feature four lines and 109 kilometres, will begin with Phase 1. 

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