Bahrain Diaries: Capturing The Microscopic Beauty Of Island Nation

by Curly Tales Desk
Bahrain Diaries: Capturing The Microscopic Beauty Of Island Nation

The life of a travel content creator is never easy, but it is exciting! Take it from Curly Tales’s Chief Travelling Officer, Kamiya Jani. She is ever on the move and creates ace social media content constantly on the go. Wondering how? Well, all thanks to her new OPPO F21s Pro, which allows her to capture the microscopic world with its segment-first Microlens!

While exploring the beauty of Bahrain – the island nation in Western Asia, Kamiya gives her followers a peek into her world of content creation. She is seen walking the streets and beaches of Bahrain with her stylish new phone, which is sleek, lightweight and packed with features that make her content creation process absolutely seamless.

Never-Seen-Before Microscopic Captures

Equipped with a segment-first 2MP microlens with 15x and 30x magnification capabilities, 64MP Main Camera; 2MP Depth Camera, the new OPPO F21s Pro can capture rich details of the microscopic world around you. As did Kamiya!

Roaming the streets of Muharraq which once used to be the capital of Bahrain, Kamiya explored the rich culture and heritage of the city that’s more than 100 years old! The microscopic details of the sand-built walls of the ancient city that Kamiya could capture so easily wouldn’t have been possible at all if not for the Microscopic lens of OPPO F21s Pro. We are in awe of the sheer detailing!

A Camera So Powerful That You’ll Love Every Detail

Plus, we absolutely love the HDR pictures of the Bahraini food. The details, the colours, the capture, the microlens, and the angles, all give food photography an extra edge. Wait for the captivating click of Manama’s night skyline that looks so dreamy!

OPPO F21s Pro’s 32MP selfie camera comes with a flagship Sony IMX709 powerful sensor. Be it dark or amidst a hustling-bustling night market, one can click picture-perfect selfies in various portrait modes. Kamiya’s night-time clicks are proof!

Kamiya Jani’s Social Media Content Companion

Kamiya in Bahrain
Kamiya always captures social media content on her smartphone, and the OPPO F21s Pro made the process extremely smooth. Packed with so many features, it offers an immersive experience and it is as stylish as Kamiya. Plus, it is easy to carry and comes with long-lasting battery life. Now, what more can a Content Creator ask for?

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Available in eye-catching Dawnlight Gold and Starlight Black colours, Kamiya loved discovering the microscopic beauty of Bahrain with her new OPPO F21s Pro! And, we’re sure you will too!