Delhi Wakes Up To Dense Fog. 5 Domestic & 11 International Flights Delayed At IGI Airport

Some flights have been delayed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport due to dense fog.

by Shreya Ghosh
Delhi Wakes Up To Dense Fog. 5 Domestic & 11 International Flights Delayed At IGI Airport

Most parts of North India witness the harsh effects of the winter season every year. From Delhi to Punjab, the temperature drops significantly. Along with chills and shivers in the air, many places wake up to thick and dense blankets of fog and haze in the winter season and the same is happening in Delhi in 2023 as well. Fog covered the capital city in such a way that the airport authorities had to change the scheduled flight plans on Saturday.

Domestic And International Flights Delayed At Delhi Airport

Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Delhiites woke up seeing views of dense fog all around them. Thick sheets of fog covered the city on December 23. This impacted the usual visibility on Saturday morning. Changes in visibility are indeed a significant concern for flight operations. The dense fog all around the national capital affected the planned flight schedules of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport.

The Flight Information Display System stated about the delays of many flights from the airport. Saturday witnessed a delay in 5 domestic and 11 international flights at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Seeing such a major decision taken by the concerned authorities, we can already understand how bad the foggy situation must have been in the city today. If you have plans to catch a flight from this airport, keep yourselves updated about any sudden or probable changes in schedule.

Not just foggy surroundings, the mercury took a dip as well. The India Meteorological Department stated that Delhi witnessed a minimum temperature of 9.6°C. In comparison to the average temperature of the season, it is 2°C more. And the maximum temperature is expected to be 23°C. It looks like Delhi is likely to experience a moderately foggy day on Saturday.

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Air Quality Updates Of The National Capital:

Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Delhi is continuing to make the headlines for its Air Quality Index and air pollution. Just like every other year, the city is seeing the air quality deteriorating this year as well. On Saturday morning, the Air Quality Index was in the ‘severe’ category.

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Delhites, take care of yourselves in such air quality conditions and stay safe!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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