As Delhi’s Temperature Drops, AQI Improves. But, How Long Will This Last?

Delhi’s temperature recently dropped lower than five degrees! The air quality has improved as well.

by Tooba Shaikh
As Delhi’s Temperature Drops, AQI Improves. But, How Long Will This Last?

Every year, Delhi experiences some extreme weather. Throughout the year, it witnesses extreme cold as well as extreme heat. Now, the national capital is witnessing freezing weather in the country. As a matter of fact, it just hit the coldest weather of this season. That’s right! Delhi’s temperature recently dropped lower than five degrees! Here are all the important details that you would need to know about this weather update.

Delhi’s Minimum Temperature Drops To 4.9 Degrees Celsius

Delhi recently recorded the coldest temperature of the season. It dropped below five degrees for the first time in the season and is the coldest so far. This means that it is now among the coldest places in the country right now. As a matter of fact, Shimla, which is known for its cold weather, is warmer than Delhi as of now.

As of now, the temperature in Shimla is 16 degrees Celsius. This means that the temperature in Delhi is way colder than that of Shimla. This fact is particularly astonishing because Shimla is one of the places that people escape to for cold weather when the heat in their respective regions gets unbearable

Many people are worried about the city becoming this cold so soon and are worried about how cold December will be. Many people took to X (formerly known as Twitter) and stated that already, they already felt the need to use heaters. This implies that the temperature will not get so cold during the winter season so soon. This also means that the situation is not normal.

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AQI Improves In National Capital; How Long Will It Last?

As the temperature of Delhi has dropped to a new low, its Air quality has also improved a bit. According to the AQIC website, the current air quality of the national capital is 254 which is under ‘very unhealthy.’ As per the website, this is an improvement. Up until a few days ago, the air quality of the city had a score above 400. This means that the city’s air quality was hazardous.

The situation has witnessed a slight improvement since the temperature doubt. However, experts and locals alike doubt how long this improvement will last. The city made headlines a short while ago because of its poor air quality. What is more, many people took to social media to share the dense smog that had settled over the city.

Many wondered why things had gotten so bad and yet others worried about the health of the people breathing in this polluted air.

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Have you ever been to Delhi? If you live here, how do you manage in this cold weather? Let us know in the comments section below!

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