Delhi’s 1st-Ever Bamboo-Themed Park Baansera Gets 2 Revived Lakes, Dancing Fountains & More

by Mallika Khurana
Delhi’s 1st-Ever Bamboo-Themed Park Baansera Gets 2 Revived Lakes, Dancing Fountains & More

Baansera, the first of its kind in the capital city, is a bamboo-themed park featuring more than 25,000 varieties of bamboo saplings. This beautiful park is settled on the western banks of the Yamuna. This exceptional initiative certainly added more charm to the city. It is not just a park but, as the name suggests, an abode for everyone looking to spend a great evening surrounded by the natural beauty of bamboo.

DDA Has Restored Two Waterbodies At Baansera

Recently, the Delhi Development Authority restored two lakes in the park and plans to construct dancing fountains in both of them. The project will be completed in collaboration with the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. The authorities also plan to use one of the lakes for irrigation in Baansera.

The DDA has revealed that they were reached out to by the DMRC with a proposal for constructing dancing fountains at the centre of the park. The proposed fountains were 10 metres wide, 90 metres long, and 25 feet tall, and they have been approved by the authorities. The DDA also pointed out that the park already has six small fountains. They are used for improving biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) levels and aeration.

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The Authorities Revealed More About The Project

As per the reports, this waterbody can hold 35 lakh litres of water, sourced from an STP installer at Smriti Van. It is spread over five acres of land and is three metres deep. The DDA official also revealed that they have decreased the water supply to reduce the water level and make space for the fountain.

The authorities are happy with the survival rate of the bamboo and they are planning to plant 22,150 more saplings spread across 27 hectares of land. They will also be creating a 100-metre buffer area with 2.5 lakh riverine grasses. To keep the beauty of the park top-notch, seasonal flower plantations are also planted periodically. This beautiful garden is also a great highlight of the park.

It is a great initiative that is making amazing progress. Once all the development is done, it will certainly be a great spot for peaceful outings.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/LG Delhi