Derived From The Lowest Point Of The Earth, Here’s Why The Dead Sea Salt Is So Cherished!

by Anupriya Mishra
Derived From The Lowest Point Of The Earth, Here’s Why The Dead Sea Salt Is So Cherished!

The Dead Sea is a magnificent gem in the Middle East that lies set away between the hills of the Judaean Desert. This magnificent natural wonder is slowly disappearing according to reports. But did you know that the mineral-rich water body is revered for its therapeutic reasons? Well, here’s why the salt from the Dead Sea has been priced since ancient times.

The Dead Sea Has 10 Times More Salt

Dead Sea Salt
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The Dead Sea is regarded as the lowest point of the earth. With many interesting facts pertaining to this water body, this is indeed a geological marvel. It is believed that the saltwater lake is unlike any other on earth, as it has 10 times more salt as compared to a normal sea. And since it is located on the lowest point of the Earth, the water body is over 400 metres below sea level! Besides the beauty of the water body, this natural marvel is also famous for quite unique phenomena. While swimmers can’t float in most water bodies, the sea has such a high level of buoyancy that even non-swimmers will be able to float on its surface.

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The Salt From Here Has Healing Properties

Dead Sea salt healing
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However, what draws many tourists from across the world, is the fact that it is considered to have healing and therapeutic properties. Since antiquity, the salt from the Dead Sea has been revered for its richness in minerals. Yes, these include potassium, calcium, and even magnesium, which not only exfoliate and hydrate the skin but also suit it. Not to mention, it offers other variety of health benefits when absorbed by the skin that have also been known to alleviate skin conditions like who has psoriasis and eczema, according to a report by Travel Daily Media.

In fact, even during the ancient period, Egyptian pharaohs also reviewed the healing properties of this beautiful Marvel. Not to mention, this has given rise to several resorts coming up along the Dead Sea, where tourists can indulge in a variety of spa treatments that use the therapeutic properties of the minerals from the Dead Sea. From mud wraps to mineral-infused massages, there is something for everybody.

So, with the high mineral and salt content that boasts exquisite healing properties, it’s hardly surprising that people want to visit this exceptional water body.

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