Despite Water Crisis, Bengaluru Hotels Organise Pool Parties & Rain Dance For Holi; Residents Demand Ban On Holi Parties

Amid the ongoing water crisis, some Bengaluru hotels are offering unlimited colours, pool parties and rain dance.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Despite Water Crisis, Bengaluru Hotels Organise Pool Parties & Rain Dance For Holi; Residents Demand Ban On Holi Parties

Bengaluru is reeling from the worst-ever water crisis with high-rise apartments sustaining on water tankers and rationing its water supply. Despite the water crisis, some Bengaluru hotels and resorts have offered rain dances and pool parties on Holi this year. Residents have taken to X (formerly Twitter) and demanded a ban on such parties. Many have tagged Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and other concerned authorities to look into the matter.

Bengaluru Hotels Offer Rain Dance, Unlimited Colours & Pool Parties Amid Water Crisis

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A typical Holi in my gated apartment complex in JP Nagar, Bengaluru, would involve an entire tanker parked in the vicinity, splashing us revellers with water while we celebrated the festival of colours, dancing to the beats of the hired DJ. Earlier, a water tanker was considered an essential Holi accessory. This time, we’re relying on the water tanker for sustenance. So, Holi this year in my high-rise apartment will be a more intimate affair without the use of water for celebrations. After all, judicious use of water is the need of the hour.

However, some prominent hotels in Bengaluru are offering rain dance, pool parties and unlimited colours as their main attraction. Aloft Hotel in Whitefield promises unlimited colours to revellers. Well, unlimited colours would mean substantial amounts of water to wash the colours off from one’s body. Radha Hometel’s “Rang De Holi 2024” event offers rain dance and unlimited colours starting from ₹349 per ticket.

Lago Palms Resort has an open-air pool and rain dance facility this Holi despite the ongoing water crisis. Jayamahal Palace Hotel in Bengaluru has a Holi party on March 25 which promises rain dance and unlimited Holi colours apart from live dhol and drinks, snacks and a DJ.

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Netizens Demand Ban On Holi Parties & Call For Sustainable Celebrations

Several other hotels in Bengaluru have similar offerings including Skydeck by Sherlock, Sidewalk Bar & Kitchen and The Park. At a time when apartments have imposed strict rules and regulations to conserve water; techies are demanding work-from-home to tide over this water crisis; the misuse of water for Holi celebrations is concerning. Many have tagged CM Siddaramaiah on X demanding a ban on Holi parties this year. Others are advocating for sustainable Holi celebrations that involve just phool or flowers.


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We hope the government takes necessary actions to prevent the misuse of water during the festival of colours. Moreover, the need of the hour is the judicious water consumption. So, let’s celebrate Holi mindfully this year.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva Pro

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