Diamonds Are Forever: Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat Adorned With New Diamond Studded Nameplate

by Shreya Rathod
Diamonds Are Forever: Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat Adorned With New Diamond Studded Nameplate

‘Mannat’, the residence of Shah Rukh Khan, is a landmark in itself. Located in Bandra, the mansion gives a spectacular view of the Arabian Sea. A quintessential abode, SRK fans, and jaw-dropping architecture are what define ‘Mannat’. However, there is something new about our Bollywood Badshah’s home. Recently, photos of new nameplates circulated on the Internet.

Star-Studded ‘Mannat’ Nameplate

Credits: Team Shah Rukh Khan Fan Club

In April, the SRK fans got a glimpse of the splashy nameplate at the gate of ‘Mannat’. But, it went missing just after a few weeks. The unveiling of this new nameplate has fans going crazy. Several people clicked photos with the new nameplate.

The fun fact is that the nameplate is diamond studded. This puts it at more risk than before. The words ‘Mannat’ and ‘Landsend’ are on both sides of the gate. Gauri Khan, Shah Rukh Khan’s wife and a designer wanted something classy for their home to match its vibe.

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The Old Nameplate And Its Reaction

Though the story of the old nameplate that allegedly got stolen is not confirmed, this new shimmery plate would need extra security. The old nameplate took fans by surprise in April 2022. The SRK fans couldn’t contain their excitement, as after many years something like this was embedded. But after a few weeks, it went missing. This was a shocker for all.

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‘Mannat’ is Shah Rukh Khan’s dream. When asked in an interview about it, SRK replied even if he is broke, he would sell everything but Mannat. Not just Shah Rukh Khan but also all his fans love Mannat, wholeheartedly.  Lastly, congratulations to SRK for this new installation in his dream abode.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons and Team Shah Rukh Khan Fan Club