Did You Hear? There’s An Indoor Zoo Open In Jeddah For A Limited Period Of Time!

by Anupriya Mishra
Did You Hear? There’s An Indoor Zoo Open In Jeddah For A Limited Period Of Time!

Let’s be honest, there is something absolutely fantastic about going to a zoo and getting to know about all the animals that are housed in the facility. Isn’t it so? Well, if you also share this opinion, then you will certainly want to share this experience with your little kiddo as well! And the best way to do so is by taking them to the Jeddah Indoor Zoo that’s open until mid-November.

Jeddah Indoor Zoo Now Open For A Limited Period

While there are many places where you can take your children in Jeddah, the authorities here leave no stone unturned to ensure your little munchkin has a great time. And now, as a part of the Jeddah Calendar, they have introduced the Jeddah Indoor Zoo. Yes, open for a limited period of time, till Thursday, November 16, this family-friendly attraction is definitely where you need to be. Offering visitors a fascinating experience, people will get the chance to interact, get up close, and even learn about the animals that are being housed in this indoor zoo.

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There’s A Special Meerkat Exhibit

In case you’re worried about safety, you needn’t even think about it, as qualified staff will be on hand. Not to mention, they will also be sharing all the details. You need to know about animal behaviour and even answer any questions that your little kiddo might have about the adorable inmates. Did you know that the indoor zoo will also host a series of live entertainment shows? Yes, and this will also include a slew of exciting activities that are sure to keep your little munchkin occupied. It’s worth mentioning that the Meerkat exhibit is the key highlight here.

In case you aren’t aware, these animals are small in size and are generally inquisitive by nature. As they are free to roam and socialise with their exhibit comrades, it’s certainly fascinating to watch them and observe how they interact in their unique social structure. Besides this, there is also a reptile zone that houses lizards, snakes, and other creatures from the species. If this sounds like something you would be interested in or your child would love, then don’t forget to book your tickets as they start at SAR50 for adults and SAR25 for children.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that for children below the age of 2, there is free entry entry!

Where: 3972 Al Mohammadiyah, Jeddah 23616
On Till: November 16
Timings: 4 pm to 11 pm
Cost: SAR25 (Kids) & SAR50 (Adults)

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/jed.calendar