Did You Know There’s A Fake Country Called Listenbourg That Has Its Own Flag, Anthem & History?

by Sanjana Shenoy
Did You Know There’s A Fake Country Called Listenbourg That Has Its Own Flag, Anthem & History?

While we’ve heard of food innovations, this is the first time you’d have heard of an innovation on a map. Didn’t get us? Well, as an Internet meme, a fictional country has been invented which has taken the world by storm. Funnily enough, there’s a photoshopped map circulating on the Internet that shows Listenbourg tucked on the Iberian peninsula. What’s all the fuss about the fantasy land on the EU map? Read on!

Listenbourg Is A Fake Country That Has Its Own Anthem, Flag & History!

Apparently, Netizens shared a photoshopped image of a piece of land appearing out of thin air above the Atlantic in the Iberian peninsula. Initially, this was nothing but a joke on Americans about how they lacked knowledge about geography. Twitterati, Gaspardo shared a picture of a map with a red arrow pointing towards a slab of land added to Spain and Portugal. It was even coloured green to tell viewers it was part of the EU.

In no time Netizens got together to decide the history, National anthem and even the politics of Listenbourg. Let’s remind you again, it is a fictional country! There was even a high-definition satellite map of Listenbourg. Funnily a Reddit post goes on to claim that the fake country has its own Formula 1 Grand Prix and the astronauts were working tirelessly for a moon mission.

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And if that wasn’t enough, the fictional country even got its own anthem and flag. A red-and-white flag with a golden eagle on it came on the so-called official account of the Listenbourg government. A French Wikipedia entry which stated its history has now been taken down.

Netizens Do All They Can To Keep The Joke Alive!

Interestingly, Listenbourg is quite famous among Europeans who are fully in on the memes and jibes. This is because, many other European countries and regions, including France, have often been the victim of US outlets’ geographical misappropriations.’

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Yes, it’s a fictional nation, but social media accounts aren’t letting this tongue-in-cheek jab go away easily. With memes, fake maps and pictures they are doing all they can to keep this fictional country alive!