Tuvalu, World’s Least Visited Country May Disappear From Face Of The Earth; The Clock’s Ticking

by Sanjana Shenoy
Tuvalu, World’s Least Visited Country May Disappear From Face Of The Earth; The Clock’s Ticking

Tuvalu is the world’s least-visited nation in 2023. An island nation in the South Pacific, housing 9 islands, Tuvalu welcomed just 3700 tourists in 2023 as reported by the United Nations World Tourism Organization. Unfortunately, it won’t be long before this nation may entirely disappear from the face of the Earth. So, if you wish to visit the world’s least visited nation, the clock is ticking!

Tuvalu May Disappear Due To Climate Change

Formerly known as Ellice Islands, Tuvalu is known to have pristine beaches and World War II relics. The reef islands are Insta-Worthy among the handful of tourists, mainly American tourists who visit it. The sparsely-populated island nation is facing a serious issue of rising sea levels.

Picture Credits: Canva

The inhabitable region of Tuvalu is just 2m above sea level. But now the tides are rising to a whopping 3.9 millimetres per year. The world’s least-visited nation’s future is in dire crisis. Tuvalu filled with coral atolls may disappear from the face of the Earth and it’s terrible news.

Sitting in the west-central Pacific Ocean, the island nation has Hawaii on one side and Australia on the other. The gorgeous oasis usually witnesses thousands of tourists every year. It has just one international airport built by the United States Navy during World War II. Currently, only Fiji Airways flies tourists here.

With just 12,000 inhabitants, this island nation is great for savouring fried fish, relaxing naps in hammocks and warming oneself in the campfires at night. Also, the roads beckon travellers to hop on bikes and explore the destination on two-wheelers.

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It Aims To Be World’s First Digital Nation

Earlier Tuvalu’s foreign minister announced that they’ll recreate the nation in the metaverse to preserve the nation at least on the Internet amid climate change issues. The world’s least visited country wishes to be the world’s first digital nation. With high tides causing flooding every year, residents are getting worried by the day for their safety.

Picture Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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It’s indeed a matter of concern for the people of Tuvalu. Tourists, if this nation has been on your bucket list, it’s best you tick this one off soon before it ceases to exist.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons