Dine Inside A Tree-Pod At Soneva Kiri In Thailand

by Anvi Doshi
Dine Inside A Tree-Pod At Soneva Kiri In Thailand

Just when you think man’s created enough interesting stuff to last a lifetime, you’re proven wrong. Take for instance, this tree-pod eatery that’s the mastermind of the Soneva Kiri Resort in Thailand.

An eco-resort by heart and build, the resort is located on the Thai island of Kood and is surrounded by the Koh Kood rainforest. While it would be cool enough to simply dine in a tree-pod, there’s an entire eatery shrouded within the green foliage that’s basically a full-blown restaurant.

Image Credits: New Atlas

The actual tree-pod is made up for steel and wood rattan and can accommodate 4 people. The experience doesn’t end here. You’re made to sit in a basket-shaped pod which is then pulled up by a lever. With every point of elevation, you can access stunning views of the bolder-strewn shoreline, the lush greens of Koh Kood forest and if you’re lucky, a clear blue sky. (Sighs happily)

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Image Credits: Elite Traveller

The entire setup exudes a very canopy vibe. However, the surprise element comes in with the theatrics of the waiters. They bring in your food and drinks via zipline (we’re not shitting you). Can you imagine having a moment with your partner amidst this gorgeous view and then, whoosh, in comes a waiter with a cane basket filled up with fresh seafood? Aye, that’s precisely what we were going for. *wink*

Image Credits: thesmartlocal.com

Address: Soneva Kiri Resort, 110 หมู่ 4 Tambon Ko Kut, Amphoe Ko Kut, Chang Wat Trat 23000, Thailand
Contact: +66 82 208 8888
Cost (Stay): Rs, 70,000 onward