Thailand Extends Free Visa On Arrival To Indians Till April 2020

by Madhusree Chatragadda 3750

The gorgeous beaches, happening nightlife, delicious Thai cuisine, rejuvenating spa experience, the picturesque landscape in Thailand is all just a reach away. One of the most popular holiday destinations, Thailand, has now extended its free visa on arrival for tourists till April 2020. We’re not squealing, you are!

What Is It?  

You can now go to Thailand until April 2020 and make the most of their free visa on arrival itself. The amazing scheme had already been extended once before in April 2019. And then again it was extended to October 2019 and now, it’s extended till April 2020.

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Last year Thailand withdrew the ฿2,000 (₹4,582) visa-on-arrival fees for Indians. This was earlier eligible till October 31, 2019. But now you can make your New Year plans and long holiday plans with your family and gang to Thailand till April 2020 thanks to the free visa on arrival for Indians.

So if you’re visiting Thailand before April 2020, rejoice because you don’t need to pay the visa-on-arrival fee anymore! If you’re part of the gang that has been dodging a vacation to Thailand, now’s the time to reconsider.

What’s More?

Did you know that Bangkok In Thailand Is The Most Visited City In The World? When you’re planning a trip to Thailand, don’t miss out on visiting Bangkok. Apart from the crazy nightlife, it also has beautiful spiritual shrines, delicious street food and gorgeous canals. And we suggest you definitely visit this place to soak yourself in the rich culture, heritage and the warm hospitality of the people here. There’s a lot of amazing things you can do in not just Bangkok but in Thailand. And you’d sure not want to miss out on that. The free visa on arrival for Indians in Thailand till April 2020, should surely encourage you to pack your bags, get your gang and make the Thailand trip on the back end already!