Bangkok In Thailand Is The Most Visited City In The World

by Sanjana Shenoy
Bangkok In Thailand Is The Most Visited City In The World

The bustling vibrant city of Bangkok in Thailand is the most visited city in the world, according to a recent Global Destination Cities Index, released by Mastercard. Having the most number of international visitors, Bangkok has become the most visited city in the world out of the list of 200 cities, beating major other cities like London and Paris. This list has been prepared by Mastercard after the accumulation of data on its proprietary analysis of publicly available spending data, and visitor numbers.

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What’s More?

Bangkok, the city popular for its ornate shrines, scrumptious street food, happening city life and whatnot witnesses the most international overnight visitors, which is 22 million in all. European cities, Paris and London were ranked behind with 19 million overnight visitors for each of the two. London, however, did see a 4% decline in the international overnight visitors among the top ten listed in the Global Destination Cities Index. Tokyo, on the other hand, saw a great 10% increase in arrivals, taking the number to 14 million. The Global Destination Cities Index has used the last ten years’ data to observe other travel trends. It has been noted that international travel has seen consistent growth over the years.

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Thailand Has Visa On Arrival

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