Dining Solo In Dubai? Head To This Ramen House In Dubai’s Wasl Port. Don’t Miss Their 16-hr Broth!

by Deeplata Garde

Dubai is quite renowned for its gastronomic diversity. It has welcomed a fresh culinary concept into its vibrant tapestry. Ichiryu Ramen House in Dubai is a recently established ramen haven in the city. Do you like to take yourself on solo dates? Well, this establishment sounds perfect for you. It has introduced Dubai’s inaugural Japan-style solo dining experience, adding a unique dimension to its culinary offerings.

The Unique Concept Of Solo Dining In Dubai


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The concept of solo dining, referred to as “Bocchi Seki” in Japanese, which translates to “lonely seats,”. It is a cherished dining tradition in Japan. At Ichiryu Ramen House, customers are invited to occupy single-seater booths and complete their personalized order forms. When their order reaches perfection, a hidden curtain is lifted by a server, presenting the guest with their delectable dishes. What sets this experience apart is the innovative layout of the kitchen. Situated on the opposite side of the booths, it allows diners to savour the immersive sounds of their dishes being carefully prepared.

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Comfort To Eat Alone Without The Need Of Talking To Anyone


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The inspiration behind this solo dining concept stems from the earnest desire to make all guests, particularly women, feel entirely at ease while relishing the flavours of ramen. Ramen, known for its potential for delightful messiness, finds its ideal companion in the solo dining experience. It offers guests an intimate, private space to savour their culinary delights.

Ichiryu Ramen House was conceived by three enterprising Filipino brothers who share an unwavering passion for both Japanese cuisine and culture. Nestled in the vibrant Al Wasl Port of Dubai, this dining establishment boasts not only an authentic Japanese ramen selection. Along with it, it also offers an array of genuine beverages and delectable side dishes.

Ichiryu Ramen House has successfully transplanted an enthralling factor of Japanese culture into the heart of Dubai. The debut of the solo dining experience beats mere dining; it encapsulates an authentic cultural immersion. This innovative dining concept will surely captivate the palates and hearts of both Dubai’s residents and its cherished visitors. It is set to develop a delectable culinary connection that is sure to endure.

Cover Image Courtesy: Ichiryu Ramen House/ Instagram