Ditching Business Class, Deepika Padukone Travels In Economy Class On An IndiGo Flight; Lauded For Humility

Deepika Padukone
by Tooba Shaikh

There are many superstars who let fame get to their heads and become arrogant. Forgetting to be nice to those around them, there are many who excel in many things other than humility. However, it seems that Deepika Padukone is not one of these people. She was recently lauded for her humility as she decided to travel via economy class on a flight instead of business class which is more often the routine for people of her stature.

Deepika Padukone Travels In Economy Class

In a video posted on the micro-blogging website Twitter, Deepika is seen walking down the aisle of an economy class to use the restroom. She was seen being escorted by a man to the washroom.

It seems that the people on the flight were oblivious to the fact that the superstar was in their midst. It was only when she walked down the aisle of the plane that people started to realise who she really was.

In order to camouflage her appearance so that she presumably won’t be recognised and bothered by well-meaning but overly enthusiastic fans, she wore an orange jersey t-shirt with a cap and sunglasses to cover her face.

However, this clearly did not work as she was instantly recognised by everyone. While walking to the washroom along with her escort, one woman also yelled out “Hi Deepika” which drew everyone’s attention to her. This event took place on an IndiGo flight and the video has now gone viral.

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Star Lauded For Her Humility

The fact that she travelled in an economy class despite being a superstar touched many people’s hearts. The video that was posted on Twitter was posted along with the caption “Deepika Padukone In Economy Class?”

The accompanying text which was posted along with the video said “Fan captures Deepika Padukone Traveling In Economy Class. Do you think more stars should travel Economy?”

The video is 10 seconds long and was posted on the 16th of February. Since it was posted, it has garnered over 2.5 thousand views.

In another heartwarming proof of Deepika’s humility, a person recently took to Instagram and shared the heartwarming interaction that he and his mother had at the LA airport with the actress. Varun Gurunath, the man who shared this incident, said that the actress was pleasant to talk to even after a 16-hour flight.

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Cover Image Credits: DeepikaPadukoneCloset/Instagram