Diwali 2021: Delhi Announced Complete Ban On Firecrackers

Delhi Ban Firecrackers
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 596

To keep a check on air pollution levels, Delhi has banned the storage, sale and bursting of firecrackers this year ahead of Diwali. Every year, pollution levels in Delhi rise alarmingly after Diwali celebrations. The air quality dips and the city gets blanketed with a thick layer of smog. Thus, like last year, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced a ban on firecrackers this year too. Taking to Twitter, the CM wrote, “Just like last year, there will be a complete ban on storage, sale, and bursting of all kinds of firecrackers this year too, in wake of the situation of pollution in Delhi during Diwali in the last three years.”

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Kejriwal Urges Traders Not To Store Crackers

Even before the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, people in Delhi were urged to wear face masks to protect themselves from the polluted air. In one of the tweets, Kejriwal appealed to traders to avoid the storage of crackers in view of the complete ban. Last year, when the complete ban was imposed, the traders had faced losses as they had already stored the crackers from before. In 2020, bustling of firecrackers were banned in several states but COVID-19 was cited as the main reason.

Delhi Ban Firecrackers

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Have A Pollution-Free Diwali With Diyas

Diwali 2021 will be observed on November 4. In 2020, Delhi had allowed Diwali celebrations with only green crackers in 800 open spaces. Green crackers are eco-friendly, and last year, they were allowed only in those areas of Delhi where the air quality was ‘moderate’. In North India, Diwali is celebrated in a grandiose manner. Even if firecrackers are banned, you can still light up splendid diyas to soak in the spirit of the festival. Also, here is a list of 5 Delhi restaurants perfect for a lavish Diwali dinner with your family.

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