Do You Know India Has A Mysterious & Unique Clapping Pond In Jharkhand?

by Ankita Mazumdar
Do You Know India Has A Mysterious & Unique Clapping Pond In Jharkhand?

India is a land full of mystery and its incredible-ness never stops to amaze us. Recently, we came across another out-of-this-world peculiar mystery that left us thinking. Come along with us on this journey to unravel a unique phenomenon. This phenomenon is about the clapping pond in Jharkhand and you will be in awe after getting to know all about it. If you are intrigued to find out more about this unique pond, then keep reading on.

A Mystical Clapping Pond In Jharkhand

Dalahi Kund
Image Credits: X/MIRA_M31

This peculiar pond has caught our attention, just as it also attracts a huge number of visitors to witness the magic, especially during the Makar Sankranti festival. It is a small pond that is situated just 27 kilometres from Bokaro city in Jharkhand, India. What makes it so special, you ask? Well, a baffling phenomenon occurs when someone claps near Dalahi Kund. Yes, the water reacts to the sound of clapping.

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If you clap in front of Dalahi Kund, you will witness the water in the pond elevate mysteriously. This rising of the water here can be compared to water boiling. It is not just a tiny moment with small ripples but a significant one with full-on boiling water splashes. That indeed is peculiar for a water body to do so!

What’s more? Another cool property of the kund is that the water can adapt to the seasons. Dalahi Kund alters itself with the rotation of the earth around the sun to operate as a natural geyser of sorts. During summers, the water reaches a rather cooler temperature and is comfortably warm during the winters.

It Is A Worship Site As Well

Dalahi Kund
Image Credits: X/next9news

This kund is also a site for the deity Dalahi Gosai. Every Sunday, devotees come here for religious purposes. They have immense faith in its waters and believe that a cleansing dip in it can fulfil every wish. Apparently, it is believed to have medicinal healing properties as well. Do you have a wish that you want to achieve as soon as possible? Head over to Dalahi Kund and get your wishes fulfilled by this magical genie of a water body.

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If you were ever an avid reader of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson books, you are in for a treat! You will get all the mega fictional thrills of being related to Poseidon, the god of the sea. It is literally at your fingertips, or should we say in your hands and claps? Get to Dalahi Kund and live out your Percy Jackson childhood fantasy!

Cover Image Credits: X/MIRA_M31