Dome Wala Love! There’s A Glass Igloo Cafe In Gulmarg Surrounded By Snow & Perfect For A Romantic Date

by Shreya Ghosh
Dome Wala Love! There’s A Glass Igloo Cafe In Gulmarg Surrounded By Snow & Perfect For A Romantic Date

We have seen igloo-shaped lavish hotels and properties in tourist destinations such as Himachal Pradesh, Maldives, and more. But have you ever seen an igloo cafe before? Well, this is surely a very fascinating and unique experience for everyone to indulge in a gastronomical feast of delicious food while sitting inside a picturesque quaint igloo cafe. Sounds very enticing, right? Where should you visit to explore this igloo cafe? If you want to know all the details of this place, read on!

This Gulmarg Igloo Cafe Is  Perfect For A Romantic Time!

Say hello to Kolahoi Panaroma, one of the most stunning cafes in Kashmir. Nestled in Gulmarg, enjoying a hearty meal at this glass igloo cafe and witnessing the majestic beauty surrounding you is a memorable experience of a lifetime. Unlike all the open-air cafes and restaurants, sitting inside an igloo and seeing picturesque landscapes enveloping you look absolutely surreal. The best part is that you won’t shiver because of the chills and cold even while inside the glass igloo.

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The views become the most exceptional during the time of snowfall. Snowballs drizzling all over while you are just sitting inside this glass igloo cafe is a magnificent feeling. If you are planning a trip to Gulmarg during the months of snowfall, make sure to add Kolahoi Panorama to your itinerary.

How Is The Food Menu Of Kolahoi Panaroma?

The menu of this glass igloo cafe adds more charm to the interiors and surroundings of this place. Get ready to gorge on lip-smacking food in the most fantastic setup here. From yummy coffee to hot chocolate to qehwa to sizzler to starters and snacks, this cafe serves the most delicious food. Remember that you will need to pay an additional charge of ₹1000 to sit inside this restaurant and spend an hour. This charge is exclusive of any food you order.

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Visiting Kolahoi Panaroma is truly a very different experience that not many have enjoyed or experienced before. No matter when you are going to Gulmarg on a beautiful holiday, do not forget to plan to spend some romantic hours in this charming igloo cafe.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Kolahoi Panorama