Dosa Gets A Swirling Twist. Spider Man Dosa Is The Newest Food Trend!

by Shreya Ghosh
Dosa Gets A Swirling Twist. Spider Man Dosa Is The Newest Food Trend!

Once you open any social media platform, there is simply no dearth of videos showing experiments with different types of food. From dosa to pizza to tea, most of our favourite dishes have been the victim of such experiments. And this time, dosa is once again making a lot of buzz with this new recipe video. A woman preparing Spider man dosa using some different techniques is the newest food trend and here’s all about it!

Spider-Man Dosa Is Making Rounds On The Internet!

An Instagrammer who goes by the handle name Namaste India (username: @namasteiindia) shared a video of the preparation of this one-of-a-kind dosa. A woman is seen cooking the dosa on two different tawas and she uses some ingredients and techniques that are not used usually while cooking dosas. What’s so special bout this spider man dosa? Let’s find it out!


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It seems like everyone’s favourite Spiderman has had a perfect collaboration with dosa. As seen in the video, this recipe is a new twist to usual dosas. The woman uses a piping bottle to spread out the dosa batter on the tawas. She swirls out the batter just like spider webs. Then she adds some oil to the dosas and some beaten egg to one dosa. While one dosa is getting crispy and crunchy, she adds some stuffings, veggies, and cheese to another dosa.

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Once both the dosas get cooked well, she adds one dosa on top of the one with all the stuffings and cheese. Lastly, she serves the dosa by cutting it into 4 halves and drawing a big smiley on the spider man dosa using some ketchup.

This Video Has Some Mixed Reactions!

Shared on 20 January 2023, this video of the woman cooking spider man dosa is going viral on Instagram with Netizens sharing their views and opinions in this swirling experiment with dosas. While some Instagrammers are very excited about this unique recipe and how sweetly the woman serves the food, some are a bit disappointed with another twist to dosa.

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With over 16 million views, this video has garnered more than 600K likes and hundreds of comments.

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