Dress Or Tablecloth? Fashion Show’s Closing Ceremony Had Half-Eaten Food & Wine & A ‘Beautiful Mess’

by Suchismita Pal
Dress Or Tablecloth? Fashion Show’s Closing Ceremony Had Half-Eaten Food & Wine & A ‘Beautiful Mess’

In this era of competition, ‘standing out’ is the key to success. And designer siblings Nanna and Simon Wick stood out at the Copenhagen Fashion Week in the most unexpected, eccentric way. The show’s closure had Sarah Dahl walking flamboyantly, dragging an entire tablecloth with a wine glass and plates with half-eaten food. The act was something that can be perfectly defined as a beautiful mess. If you’re still perplexed about what exactly happened, read on!

The Most Eccentric Fashion Show Closure The World Has Ever Seen!

In a video shared on the Instagram page of clothing brand (di)vision, we see Wick’s partner Dahl sitting on a table with other people. Sarah was wearing a pink crop top and skirt and her expression said she was about to do something. Then she stood up, posed, and to everyone’s surprise, dragged the entire tablecloth over the floor as she started walking. Interestingly, the tablecloth was a part of her skirt only. Yes, it was the tail of her dress. Now, that’s called defining art with the ultimate sass and grab eyeballs. Everyone around Dahl was bowled over by the perfection with which she carried out the act. Captioning the video with quirk, (di)vision wrote, “What are you bringing to the table? @sarahdahll “I am the table.” Creativity is at its peak, we see!


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The Internet Loved The Video

The video has received loads of love from the Internet. Entrepreneur, fashion influencer and writer Albert Ayal called it “A moment”. Another user left a witty comment, “At your ex’s wedding?” Another wrote, “The silence when she stood up.” One user commented, “Fashion is a lifestyle! Just loved it.”

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What are your thoughts about this creatively chaotic act?

Cover Image Courtesy: (di)vision/ Instagram