Dubai Among World’s Top 100 Visited Destinations

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Dubai Among World’s Top 100 Visited Destinations

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Euromonitor International’s survey reveals Dubai is the 7th most visited destination in the world in 2018. Three-cheers for our city!

What’s It?

It’s for nothing that people rave about Dubai! Flooded with shopping malls, attractions and global cuisines, Dubai remains a hotspot tourist destination and a recent survey is a proof to this.

Global market research provider Euromonitor International conducted a recent study which revealed some heart-warming news about Dubai. The city is ranked the 7th most visited destination in the world, followed by its neighbouring Emirate Abu Dhabi which secured the 10th position. The survey was based on annual tourism arrivals and Dubai recorded 15.79m visitors in 2017, out-numbering the tourists flocking into New York, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, Phuket, Tokyo, and Las Vegas among others. The five cities which grabbed the top spots in the report include Hong Kong, Bangkok, London, Singapore, and Macau.

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Furthermore, new visa-upon-arrival policies, no charge for transit tourists for up to 48-hour stays and optional extended-stay visas for up to 96 hours are some legislative changes made in order to attract over 20 million visitors to the Emirate by 2020. Talk about long-term goals!

What Else?

And if this doesn’t make you happy enough, Dubai is also named one of the 10 Best Cities In The World To Live. Here’s a detailed brief of the study.