Dubai Bags The 2nd Spot In The List Of Places To Catch The Glimpse Of The Winter Sun

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai Bags The 2nd Spot In The List Of Places To Catch The Glimpse Of The Winter Sun

Dubai is the perfect destination to travel to in winter. As this place glistens with sunshine and good moments to escape the gloomy days of late winter. Hence, we ain’t surprised with Dubai secured 2nd rank in the list of places to visit to enjoy the winter sun.

Who Secured The First Spot?


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Here’s the list of places that were nominated and secured the respective rankings for Winter sun. The criteria to hold a ranking was to have the perfect sunny climate between Oct-February.

Ranks Countries
1st Gran Canaria
2nd Dubai
3rd Bali
4th Johannesburg
5th Maldives
6th Goa
7th Sydney
8th Barbados
9th Florida
10th Thailand

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Dubai Still Stands To Be The Best Winter Sun Wonderland

Pic Creds: Visit Dubai

Visitors will find something to like in Dubai, which is full of surprises. You can anticipate a warm welcome from this bustling metropolis.

Here are 5 things to do to enjoy the warm weather of Dubai in winter.

1. Go On A Shopping Spree

Picture Credit: Pixabay

This is the time of year when a tonne of shopping events are planned to draw millions of visitors from around the globe. So scan through the malls and souks of Dubai for the biggest discounts available.

2. Dive Deep In Culture At Expo City

Pic Credits: Media Library

Expo City started back in October. It reflects the deep-rooted culture of the Emirates along with the finest innovations on display.

3. Enjoy Desert Safari

Credits: Desert Safari Dubai Facebook

You might have to struggle with bookings as winter brings pre-booked safari issues. But the experience of winter desert safari in Dubai is irreplaceable.

4. Fly Over The Desert In A Hot Air Ballon

Pic Creds: Canva

This experience is memorable and spending time and money on this activity in winter is far better compared to summer. You will save yourself by focusing on the views than sweating relentlessly.

5. Go Camping Or Glamping

Pic Creds: Media Library

The Winter climate makes it favourable to put a tent in the deserts of Dubai. You can also enjoy activities that allow you to explore the desert in a better way.

So if you have your itinerary ready, then book your tickets to enjoy this winter sun paradise, Dubai.

Cover Image Courtesy: Media Library