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Zeina Khoury
by Deeplata Garde

The show following the most blingy people of Dubai was conceptualized by Netflix called The Dubai Bling. Like the city of Dubai, the star cast is equally glamorous. Our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani Verma on her recent trip to Dubai met a few of the star cast for a Sunday Brunch. But today we will talk about the person from the reality show that calls herself ‘The Company’. There’s no surprise that we are talking about Zeina Khoury and her thoughts about her co-stars from the show.

Zeina Khoury Talks About Ebraheem & Her Equation In The Show

They are both extremely talented people with strong personalities, so even the smallest disagreements are likely to result in tempers flaring and some hot drama. But it wasn’t the same from the start. Zeina Khoury & Ebraheem were quite tight when the show began. From gossip to endless heart-to-heart conversations, their equation looked quite healthy.

But when the incidents involving Danya, Farhana & Ebraheem aggravated is when Zeina lost her cool for his budding close friend. Zeina in conversation with Kamiya informed us about how she has moved on from the incident. But reconciliation definitely doesn’t seem on the cards for her. She quoted during the Sunday Brunch that Ebraheem went too far with the gossiping thing and that was a deal-breaker for Zeina.

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The Dubai Bling Star Thinks That It’s Normal To Gossip

According to Zeina Khoury when people questioned about the show being scripted, her reaction was always “No it’s not”. She has made people understand how the incidents that are on the show about these blingy characters are nothing but a reality. She quoted that just like any person gossiping to their best friend about the other friend is quite similar to what the cast was doing out there. So such incidents are quite obvious to happen to almost the majority of people. This was her way to normalize gossip in a good sense.

Well if you need more tea about the equations that happened among the Dubai Bling cast then we suggest you click on the above video. Watch the exclusive Sunday Brunch with Zeina Khoury on Curly Tales Middle East.

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