“The Drama Finds Me” Says Dubai Bling Star Ebraheem Al Samadi To Kamiya Jani | Curly Tales

by Anupriya Mishra
“The Drama Finds Me” Says Dubai Bling Star Ebraheem Al Samadi To Kamiya Jani | Curly Tales

Dubai is a multi-cultural city that draws in hoards of people, not just from the UAE but from the rest of the world as well. And you get to see the glamorous lives of the city’s rich and famous, in the Netflix show, Dubai Bling. From stirring controversy to being gossip fodder, the show and its casts continue to stay on our minds. And in the recent episode of Curly Tales Sunday Brunch Middle East, Kamiya Jani, our Editor-in-Chief, met with Ebraheem Al Samadi. Here’s the tea from the latest episode!

Ebraheem Al Samadi Started His First Business At 14

During his conversation with Kamiya Jani, he revealed that his family calls him Ibn Batuta for his passion for travelling. While sitting in his cafe, Ebraheem confessed that he started his first business at the age of 14, which was also when his parents got divorced. As it happens, he got married when he was just 17 years old and was divorced by the age of 18.

Al Samadi is the owner of the highly Instagrammable, Forever Rose Cafe with one outlet in Dubai and two in Abu Dhabi. He also told us that he has put his favourite dishes on the menu of his cafe. However, he said that while he loves food he is not a big eater. During his interview, he also said that he loves Indian Food!

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“The Drama Finds Me”

Ebraheem al Samadi
Pic credits: Internal

On being asked about his learnings from the show, Ebraheem said, “Don’t get involved in Drama. The Drama always finds me, I don’t know where it finds me from… but it’s always there.” He admitted that Dubai Bling was a learning experience, and he got to know how production happened. So, learning a new business makes him a smarter person! While feasting on some delicious dishes from his cafe, he also confessed that Danya is his sister and they’re ride or die!

Sharing more about his experience with the show, his personal life, and some juicy gossip, this episode is a must-watch for every Dubai Bling fan. And if you loved this tidbit about the interview, don’t forget to watch it on our YouTube channel!

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