“I Am The Company” Says Zeina Khoury Confidently & We Got The Chills | Curly Tales

by Anupriya Mishra
“I Am The Company” Says Zeina Khoury Confidently & We Got The Chills | Curly Tales

People say that if you truly believe in something, you can actually manifest it into reality. Maybe it’s magic but, what cannot be overlooked is the self-confidence and belief in one’s capabilities. Exuding this confidence, Zeina Khoury of Dubai Bling got chatting with Kamiya Jani, the Editor-in-Chief on the latest episode of Curly Tales Middle East Sunday Brunch. Talking about the epic scene and lots more, the Queen of Versace is here to slay.

Zeina Khoury On The Latest Episode Of Curly Tales Middle East Sunday Brunch

Every Dubai Bling fan who has religiously watched all the episodes and discusses the scenes in great detail will agree with Zeina Khoury, that she indeed is the company. Talking about the fight on the show that has been the talk of the town ever since, she shares, “That incident pushed me to realise a lot of things internally. So, when someone questioned, ohh you’re not the company… I was like, I am the company. It was a sign of self-confidence.” And boy do we agree with her!

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Was Dubai Bling Scripted?

Zenia Khoury
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Enjoying her exquisite meal with our Editor-in-Chief at Pallazo Versace Dubai, the reality series star also spilt the tea about the speculations of the show being scripted. She confessed that Dubai Bling was not a scripted show and that all the reactions were genuine. As it happens, people close to her didn’t even bother asking her this question, as they could see that she was trying to stay composed. Well, this certainly makes us want to revisit the Netflix series, ‘cause why not?!

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Besides all the juicy gossip, Zeina also talked about her home country, Lebanon, and her father. Not to mention, she shared the secret about who was the biggest bully on the show and lots more! Doesn’t it all sound fascinating? Well, if you too are fascinated by this snippet of the conversation, we’d suggest that you watch the entire episode RIGHT NOW!

So, go ahead and binge on!

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